How much will it cost?

Cost will depend upon size of photograph and amount of restoration and/or colourising work to be done. Email me with your scan (best possible) or send me by post the original print. I will advise you about best possible scans (if you are able to make a scan yourself) when we discuss your project.

I will agree a price with you prior to any work being started. Any original photos sent to me via post will be returned to you.

Do you require any part payment beforehand?


What if I don’t like your restoration work?

If you don’t like my work then you pay nothing and receive nothing. The cost of returning any original photographs however will be paid by you (the customer). So it is best to send me scanned photos and not have to pay any postage at all. Any ‘progress images’ I may send you will be low resolution. Only the high resolution image and print will be sent to you after our agreed payment has been made.

Can you give me a discount if I commission you to work on multiple photographs?

Yes. Everything is negotiable and we can negotiate until we are both happy, or until ‘the cows come home’ or the sun sets.

Can you colour my black and white or sepia tone photograph?

Yes. However the cost is extra to any restoration work and will also be dependent on amount of complexity within the photograph, number of people and objects, details and any patterns in clothing/badges and if the background is simple or more complicated. Also if I have to do any research into for example, colours of military uniforms, insignia etc. All these points we can discuss.

Can you open a person’s eyes in a restoration?

Simple answer is no. Complex answer would be only if I had a similar photograph of the same person taken from a similar angle and in similar lighting conditions.

Can I sharpen an out of focus photograph?

No. The information in the photograph would not be enough to sharpen it.

Can I add people to photographs?

Yes. This is possible in a lot of circumstances. I will advise you though; it is not simple. All will depend on the main photo and the photo of the person to be added. All is extra work and in some cases will not give convincing results.

Can I delete people from photographs?

Yes. I can delete one or more people. But what are we to replace them with? Well that will all depend on the photograph itself. We can discuss.

Can I fix an underexposed photograph that is too dark?

Yes, if the detail is there in the dark areas it may be possible and no if it isn’t. Let me see the photo and we can discuss.

Can I fix an over exposed photo – too light?

Yes, if there is sufficient detail within the bleached out areas. If not then probably no. It is best to let me see the original.

Can I replace a head or heads?

Human head replacement is still in the news at the moment so wait and see. However, I can replace someone’s head with the head of someone else. A lot depends on angles, lighting and quality, AND number of heads! We can discuss when both heads are compared. My question would be why replace someone’s head?

Can you give me a timescale for my ‘restoration and/or colourisation?

I can give you an approximation. I can give you a higher priority but that is likely to come at a premium cost (in other words a little extra). I will always try to meet a customer’s timescales as I know how important they can be… Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc. So just discuss with me. There may well be no ‘extra costs’ involved.

What is your preferred payment method?

PayPal is my method at present.

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